Web page not updating internet explorer

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I’ve been using IE 11 since the end of January with generally good results.

There are issues working within some web sites, however, usually due to those sites not updating to the latest Microsoft standards for developers.

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Usually, this issue is caused by your web browser’s cache. And how can you get rid of it so you can see your updates?

The following discusses the two most often experienced issues, Site Compatibility and Caching.

If you or your staff hit a site and it doesn't load properly, or some aspects of the site don't work, or if the site doesn't feel right, try the Compatibility View feature in IE 11. You can get to the Compatibility View Settings via the Tools menu (if you've turned on the IE Menu bar), or left click on the IE Tools icon (looks like a gear), usually on the far right/top of the IE screen.

In this month’s newsletter I point out the two issues most often reported, and show you how to work around them.

IE 11 shipped with Windows 8.1 and was released for Windows 7 (SP1) in October 2013.

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