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If anyone got a good backstory presentation I would say it would be Togashi Genji but even the way they present it was fine of mediocre (and this most likely the mangaka's fault but Toei once again).

He had a reasonable backstory which I felt connected to but Toei I felt could have done a better job presenting it as some details on his backstory weren't explain until the very last episode (which was a 17 minutes of recap of the entire anime.) All the other characters that had backstory were fine, little or none-existent which I'm not asking for a amazing backstory for every single character it's just the one's they decided to focus on should have been done better.

School spirit has been so impressive where even the comic relief characters have badass scenes.

In terms of battle hype, there's plenty to go around especially with the final episodes of the series.

Otokojuku: a private school for juvenile delinquents that were previously expelled from normal schools.

At this school, Japanese chivalry is taught through feudal and military fundamentals.

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Sound (8/10) Very Good Probably the best thing about this show is the sound and by sound I mean everything sound related.And I would talk about Plot armor but I'll save that for the next section.Enjoyment (6/10) Fine My enjoyment of the entire anime adaptation is sitting at a 6 which is fine.The story follows the schools newly appointed 1st years where our main cast consists of Momotaro, Togashi, J, Toramaru, & the comic relief trio Hidemaro, Tazawa & Matsuo.The theme of the show is to become a better person who bear masculine ideologies such as guts, friendship, & tenacity.

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