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The first digit of the sequence number encodes the century of birth (so that centenarians are distinguished from infants), and the last digit of the sequence number is odd for males and even for females.

or later in a Danish civil register, receives a personal identification number.

However, in 2007 the available sequence numbers under this system for males born on 1 January 1965 ran out, and since October 2007 personal identification numbers do not always validate using the check digit.

This had been predicted and announced several years in advance.

To qualify for a civil registration number (CPR number) when you move to Denmark, you must meet a number of requirements.

Your municipality of residence is responsible for assigning a CPR number to you.

The civil register lists only persons who: Danish citizens, including newborn babies, who are entitled to Danish citizenship, but are living abroad, do not receive a personal ID number, unless they move to Denmark.

The register was established in 1968 by combining information from all municipal civil registers of Denmark into one.

It is a ten-digit number with the format DDMMYY-SSSS, where DDMMYY is the date of birth and SSSS is a sequence number.

Today this certificate is of little use in Danish society, as it has been largely replaced by the much more versatile Sundhedskort ("Health Card"), which contains the same information and more.

Both certificates retrieve their information from the Civil Registration System.

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