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Couple that with the fact that we’re dealing with lots of different platforms and protocols, and the dependencies for a test can be hard to determine.Moreover, most of us don’t have access to development networks that mimic the production network.Thankfully, you don’t need a team of developers to create a custom built platform to help you market test your product.You can use free tools with 100s of millions of potential customers to provide you with market feedback — Social Media.The process to marketing testing your product (assuming you are starting from scratch, otherwise start at number 3)Every social media platform is different because people consume content very differently depending on what platform they are on.Find the one social media platform that your target audience spends most of their time on I’ll write a follow up post on how to grow your social media following on all of the different social media channels.While I covered many of the prerequisites for making a move in this direction, I didn’t talk about implementation or the pipeline for deploying network changes.

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In my last post, I suggested that we change the way we configure the network by emulating the application development model of continuous integration or deployment.

If you have ever attempted to sell products online or in retail stores, this scenario might sound familiar to you: You conceptualise an idea for a product, you keep the product/ design secret in case someone steals your idea, you spend a bunch of money getting the product manufactured and then you finally launch the product on your website anticipating all the time that you will have to spend in boxing and shipping your product…the only thing is, none of your products sell. Small fashion brands produce somewhere between 10–15 pieces per collection, creating 4 collections per year.

On average, a few pieces from their collection may sell, but the majority will bring in barely any sales.

Even if we did, we likely don’t have real- life traffic running across the development network to simulate a production network.

This is not to say that running tests on a network is something that we don’t do today.

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