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But the one thing they did right, was when my father did have a conversation with me (at about 16, in fact), it was focused on the first part of the below.

He treated me like an adult, didn't try to tell me "you can't have sex" or even "you shouldn't have sex", just focusing on discussing what I should think about before I choose to have sex, and what those possible consequences are.

That's a - and way too much for one conversation, and especially if it's brought forward with a lecturer approach.

Think about how to discuss this in parts, because it could take hours - and maybe some of it is simply seeding his mind with 'think about this side of things'.

Stack Exchange network consists of 171 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. In 9 months time he will be 16 and she will still be 13. Also it is quite clear to me that this girl is quite vulnerable.

Visit Stack Exchange So the other day I walked in on our teenager and caught his girlfriend with her pants down. Now he claims he had no intention of having sex with her, he was just "taking a look". She comes from a broken and quite possibly violent home.

So what that means, to me, is the important thing is to help him understand the consequences of his actions.

Teenagers are of ten able to make good choices when they understand the full consequences of their actions, but they're unable to understand those consequences fully in many cases, or at least think about them.

Everything about the situation is just bad in my book.Trying to prevent the inevitable would just mean they will find other places to do it. At least it would reduce the number of times they could have sex.. What do I need to explain to him / talk to him about to help him act as responsibly as possible in this situation?Thanks You say that everything about this situation is bad, but to me it looks like 1) your child is exploring himself (which isn't in and of itself a bad thing) and 2) you're aware of the behaviors before something life-changing happens they aren't prepared for (STIs, pregnancy) - so not everything is bad!However, I don't really see that there is much I can do to prevent it.I can tell him he isn't allowed to see her anymore.

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