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In school-age children, signs such as sleep difficulties, phobias, and acting out sexually are seen.The most common symptoms are psychosomatic complaints, such as voiding problems, headache, and stomachache. Clinicians who evaluate voiding disorders must always bear the possibility of , parents can understand why you are asking.” and “Who could you tell, if someone was touching you or making you uncomfortable?” It is helpful to learn who a child feels he or she can talk to and to add new choices to the list, such as the pediatrician or schoolteacher as well as the consultant or another counselor.

Ideally a single interview of the child should be conducted by a mental health professional with expertise in child and the appropriate police agency representative.

The child psychiatry consultant's role may be as the interviewer or as the supporter of the child on the pediatric unit, without being involved in the These findings can arouse suspicion and should be followed up with a psychological assessment.

A play therapy assessment of a preschooler may be helpful, looking for themes of abuse in the fantasy play.

and disclosure must be approached with the assumption that legal proceedings are likely to follow.

In these cases, there is ample information to make mandated reporting of the suspicion of abuse a requirement.

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