Sexting with snapchat

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I know many women feel pressure to send nudes; maybe you have.

Or maybe you've been conflicted by it, wondering if guys will only like you if you do.

There’s something about a picture of someone that seems more intimate, more connective, if you will, than just thinking about them.

Just ask the soldiers who have gone off to war with a photo of their beloved.

There I was, minding my own business, trying to be productive at work on a Monday morning.

I see a Snapchat notification on my phone from Jessica, and I’m excited.

Or, more immediately, think about the popularity of Face Time and live videos and, yeah, Snapchat.

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Of course Jessica is a living, breathing, human being—that’s not what I mean by real.Seeing someone’s nakedness encourages intimacy when it is shared.But of course, if you’re not physically together, you're not really building mutual intimacy.There is actually pretty good scientific evidence out there to suggest that, for men, when we lust over an image of someone it’s consequently harder to love them—because the image is detached from the person. That is, I no longer see someone as a person, but rather as an object for my own gratification.That’s not love and it’s not how I wish to treat a person.

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