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The 27-year-old nurse at Crosshouse Hospital near Kilmarnock, the quiet Scottish town in East Ayrshire where she lived, has tricked many women with her fake online aliases over the past five years.

In addition to inventing Matthew, Rennie created two other men — David Crolla and David Graham, whom she also pretended worked as doctors — and used them to approach local women on social media and dating websites.

Rennie appears to have targeted local women with whom she shared common ground.

She even approached one victim on Facebook using two different names: firstly as David Crolla and two years later as David Graham As a single mother whose devotion to her young children prevented her from paying too much attention to her love life, Samantha Howarth thought Matthew Mancini was the sort of man she had long given up hope of settling down with.

Not only that, but for the first time in months, Samantha — who met Matthew on the dating app Tinder — felt she’d found someone who really seemed to care. Achieved with the aid of voice-changing technology on Rennie’s mobile phone.

‘He said I was beautiful and listened to my deepest secrets,’ she recalls.‘We spoke for hours getting to know each other and when he asked me for dinner I was thrilled.’There was only one impediment to Samantha meeting the man of her dreams: he didn’t actually exist. It was only when Matthew and Samantha were about to go on their first date last year that Rennie, knowing the elaborate façade was about to fall apart, invented an audacious excuse as to why her alter-ego couldn’t meet up.‘The night before, Matthew told me he’d just found out his ex-girlfriend had been pregnant and given birth to their baby,’ recalls Samantha.

The sheriff added: ‘I have no idea why somebody from a good family, well educated with a good job, throws it all away.

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Internet psychologist Graham Jones says people switching gender online aren’t necessarily motivated by sexual desire.I was upset but had no reason to believe Matthew was lying.’Knowing the truth, she says, is terrifying.‘I feel freaked out and scared she knows so much about me.Looking back, she admits there were warning signs.‘One evening, Matthew told me he’d been in the area and driven past me when I was on my way to the supermarket,’ she says.‘I now realise it must have been Rennie who drove past which frightens me.’Then the day before they had arranged to meet in an upmarket restaurant in Glasgow last autumn, ‘Matthew’ called with the shocking news that he had unexpectedly fathered a child.‘He sent me a picture of a woman he said was his ex-girlfriend, a picture of their baby daughter who he said was called Aria, and a screenshot of her message saying she’d given birth,’ says Samantha.‘He said it was too complicated to meet up.

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