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Aired 12-1a ET • North and South Korea's Path into Peace; Cameras Rolled in President Trump's Bipartisan Meeting; California Facing Another Wrath from Mother Nature; Ocean Infinity to Search for MH-370.Aired 3-4a ET • Bannon Steps Down; Immigration Talks; Conservatives Spend Millions in Wisconsin; Florida Dropped from Drilling Plan; Tagovailoa Goes from Backup to Hero.Aired 3-4a ET • Medicaid Recipients Work; Search for Survivors in California; Trump's First In Office Medical Exam; New Documentary on Wildlife Conservation.Aired -a • Mudlides in California kills 17; No collusion with Russia say President Trump; Myanmar arrests two Reuters journalist.Aired -10a ET • Reporters Given Unprecedented Access to a Bipartisan Meeting Between Lawmakers and the President; Dianne Feinstein Has Defied Her Republican Colleagues and Made Public of the Transcript of the Interview With the Cofounder of Fusion GPS; President Moon Jae-in is Heralding Restore Dialogue With North Korea; Ocean Infinity to Search For Mh-370; The Heavy Rains Have Triggered Mudslides in Southern California; North Korea to Send Athletes Officials to Games; Warriors Coach Criticizes Ball Family Coverage Aired 2-3a ET • Trump Administration Targets Libel Laws; President Trump Meets with Norwegian Prime Minister.Aired 3-p ET • Trump Tries Clarifying: Wall Must Be in "Dreamer" Deal; Soon: Trump's Joint News Conference With Norway's Leader; Trump Grants GOP- Led Florida Exemption From Drilling Plan; Interview with Congressman Mark Sanford of South Carolina.

Aired 2-3a ET • Trump Slams Immigrants from 'Shithole Countries'. Aired -4p ET • Trump Questioned If He's Racist During MLK Event; Source: Trump "Loves" Controversy Over "Shithole" Remark; Global Outrage Erupts Over Trump's "Shithole" Remark. Aired -3p ET • Source: Trump Slams Immigrants From "Shithole" Countries; Source: Trump Asked "Why Do We Need More Haitians?

Aired 9-a ET • President Donald Trump Wrapped Up A Press Conference With The Prime Minister Of Norway.

Aired -4p ET • Trump Vents on Court System After DACA Setback; Immigration Talks Continue After Bipartisan Meeting; Trump Brings Transparency to Key Immigration Meeting; Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley Disappointed Over Release of Transcript; Interview with Representative Chris Stewart; Aired 10-a ET • Fifteen Killed, Hundreds Awaiting Rescue in Montecito, California; Steve Bannon Lost Three Jobs As Result of "Fire and Fury" Fallout; Spotlight on the Rise of Filmmaker Ava Du Vernay; Aired - 11a ET • Trump Testimony for Special Counsel; Immigration Standoff Threatens Budget Deal.

Aired 3-p ET • Feinstein Defies GOP, Releases Fusion GPS Testimony; North Korea and South Korea Agree to Hold Military Talks; Obama's Iowa Director Tells Oprah Winfrey to Call Him; Ava Du Vernay on Diversity in Media.

Aired -4p ET • Soon: Key Bipartisan MTG On Immigration, Spending; Gayle King: Oprah 'Intrigued' By Idea Of Run; North & South Korea Agree To Hold Military Talks.

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