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Warren, I’ve gotten to know a very nice man through e Harmony, but after a few dates he informed me that we were not exclusive to each other.He’s not so much into e-mail or phone calls, but our dates are absolutely wonderful—four dates, in fact. Sincerely, Sarah in New York Answer: Dear Sarah, Thank you so much for your question.From elite celebrity-filled dating apps to members-only workspaces, our options for meeting the modern day aristocrats of NYC are limitless (granted acceptance of your membership application, of course).Click through to figure out your game plan for getting in on the in-crowd of any of these exclusive dating scenes.With as something as serious as finding a long-term relationship, there is no rush.I commend you for being honest enough with your own feelings and the man you’ve been dating to inquire about exclusivity, and I also commend him for his honesty in expressing to you what his true interests are.

In fact, I encourage e Harmony members to get to know as many of their matches as possible in as many different types of settings and environments as possible.During the date he is 100 percent there, but when the date is over he’s only 10 percent there. I want you to know that I can understand how frustrated you might be in your situation, but also want to shed some light on what may be going on.If anything, when he does reply to my e-mail they seem a bit impersonal. To answer your question directly, a relationship should become exclusive when both parties are ready to make that kind of commitment to one another.Four dates may seem like a lot to you right now, but there will be countless more of those—and with reciprocated affection and less doubts about where you stand—when you are dating the right person for you. We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.

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