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Referring to the case where one spouse abandons their religion and adopts their spouse's faith, he wrote in USA Today: "When you bury something that is really important to you, all you're doing is building up a kind of pressure within the family relationship, which becomes a source of tension, which ultimately becomes a time bomb.

Filing divorce papers is the first step in the divorce process.

Once residency requirements are met and jurisdiction is decided, the divorce petition needs to be completed.For more information about how to file for divorce, read over the frequently asked questions below: Getting Started: How do I file for a fast divorce?Shell's Question: How do I file for a fast divorce?He doubts the accuracy of the Barna poll, noting that "Just saying you are Christian is not going to guarantee that your marriage is going to stay together." One must make a full commitment to God. However, religious beliefs tend to be based on faith.Scientific beliefs are generally based on observation and experimentation. For most people, their religious beliefs are an accident of birth: those born in Saudi Arabia will almost certainly mature to be Muslim adults; those born in Alabama will most likely become a fundamentalist or other Evangelical Christian.

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