Canon pixma error updating firmware Strapon chat

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You can download the JPEG files quickly to a computer if you need to e-mail or print them immediately, leaving the RAW files for later.Alternatively, you can save your images to two cards simultaneously and thus have an immediate backup of all the images you capture.Unless you really need some of the features of newer versions, stick w/ older versions or even other software. I even tried this version, same stuff, a few improvements (especially speed).One of the problems I have is that it adds too much to your system.

Simply press the button to switch from one to the other.Ive wasted loads of blank dvds an goin back to the version of nero i had.nero 12 sucksv7.x was the last really good version.I like some of the new the create dvd features like add an intro but its burned 1 maybe 2 dvds correctly the rest have not worked.Ive gone from a version of nero that worked every time to one that works when it feels like it (and thats not very often).

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