Camps for sexually abused children

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Their screening and selection tools, model policies, and online abuse prevention training enhance camp staff member’s awareness of the issue and help hold each other to account.During our more than 20 year history, Praesidium has worked with over 4,000 clients across the United States and in 11 countries.More than 10 million children attend camp each year where they make new friends, learn new skills, and leave with wonderful memories.But for some, the experience becomes a nightmare…one that can last a lifetime.

Attorney Tim Stoesz filed a tort claim August 8 on behalf of the little girl’s mother, informing city officials of their plans to file a lawsuit.

Implement Camp Care Over the past couple of years we have developed a valuable relationship with Praesidium and their staff.

The most notable benefit was access to their online training and assessment for all our staff as part of Praesidium’s Camp Care.

They are just a phone call away and ready to share their experience when needed.

Praesidium’s Camp Care package is a valuable resource that assists camps across the nation in combating the evils of child abuse.

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